Galvanized Jazz Band At Elim Park  Cheshire, CT   February 9, 2016

7 pc Trad Jazz Band, no banjo, 2 cornets

Galvanized Jazz Band with Skip Hughes singing

by Jean Hadley
photos by Angie

Fred Vigorito cornet, Bill Sinclair piano, Bob Bequillard drums , Art Hovey tuba/bass, Russ Whitman reeds, Skip Hughes trombone/vocals, Jim Fryer trombone and Mark Vigorito cornet.

The Galvanized Jazz Band once again entertained the residents of Elim Park, an Assisted Living facility nestled on a beautiful piece of New England property between Hamden and Wallingford Connecticut.  Nelson Hall is Elim Park’s beautifully architecturally and acoustically designed performing arts center which can hold an audience of 300.

As people entered Nelson Hall, they were greeted by a large and friendly staff of resident volunteers.  For many years,  Elim Park volunteers have been doing a wonderful job.   Thank you!

11 ladies and gents in red vests

Elim Park Volunteers

Once the crowd settled down and the lights were lowered, the band, which had assembled at the rear of the hall, started their parade down the aisle to the stage.  Following in the Second Line were the “Parasol Ladies” led by Jean Hadley…strutting to Bourbon Street Parade.  With beads flying, parasols swinging, this put the audience in the mood for a Mardi Gras celebration.

The audience was pleased to be joined by three very talented guests; Jim Fryer, Skip Hughes and Fred Vigorito’s son Mark (cornet like his dad) and all the way from New Hampshire.

Band with trombone and extra cornet

Galvanized Jazz Band with Mark Vigorito cornet, Jim Fryer trombone, and Skip Hughes vocalist

Songs like BASIN STREET, TIN ROOF BLUES (remember when Kay Starr made it a hit in 1953?) Added to the list was WHEN I LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND and, an audience participation number led by Jim Fryer…WHY DON’T YOU GO DOWN TO NEW ORLEANS?  Skip Hughes beautifully delivered two spiritual numbers….JUST A CLOSER WALK and AMAZING GRACE.  And, of course, many more familiar numbers.

Jim on muted trombone

Jim Fryer

Skip sitting and singing, string bass behind him

Skip Hughes

Bill Sinclair on piano

Bill Sinclair on piano

Father and son on cornet

Fred and Mark Vigorito

Although the audience wanted the music to continue, it was the bewitching hour, time to bring a delightful evening to a close with the “Saints” and a parasol parade.

Thanks to Fred, Bill, Bob, Art, Russ, Skip, Jim and Mark for an evening of fabulous Traditional Jazz.  They entertained and inspired the residents and friends of Elim Park!

By Jean Hadley
Photos by Angie

Jeff and Joel’s House Party 2015 – Saturday Evening

Completed videos have been sent to musicians for approval and will appear here as they are received.  Some of these pictures will disappear. Enjoy for now.

——–>     Friday    Saturday Afternoon     Sunday

After a delicious Dinner Buffet the first Saturday Evening band was led by Gordon Au, with Jim Fryer, Jim Lawlor, Dan Levinson on clarinet, Genevieve Rose on string bass, and Jeff Barnhart on piano.  They began with a HOT Buddy’s Habits.

7 pc trad jazz band

Band One led by Gordon Au, Saturday Evening at Jeff & Joel’s House Party, 2015

Same crew, Dan Levinson in charge, a 1922 tune played by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Nobody’s Sweetheart Now.  This is a Banjorama tune – Joel couldn’t help but come up to sing the melody.

Donn Trenner on keyboard


Don Trenner traded places with Jeff, but before he could start, Dan Levinson pointed his clarinet at Donn and singlehandedly played Thanks For The Memories, in commemoration of all the years Donn played with Bob Hope.



Honeysuckle Rose – Fryer gets to sing

Scott and Noel played together in John Sheehan's

Scott and Noel played together for years  in John Sheehan’s Heritage Jazz Band.




Change of crew – Noel Kalesky, Kevin Dorn, Scott Philbrick, Brian Nalepka and Jeff, The Things We Did Last Summer. Masterful duet between Scott and Noel.  They’ve been friends for a long time.


Donn Trenner back, with Noel Kaletsky and Scott Philbrick with a rousing  Lady be Good,

Dan Levinson on his fabulous tenor sax, Gordon Au, Tom Boates, Donn Trenner, Brian Nalepks, and Molly Ryan were up with Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

explained above

Molly Ryan captures the crowd with Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams

Gordon continued with Molly singing Ain’t She Sweet, with Dan, Gen, Brian, and Donn.  Gen on string bass marvelously trading 4’s with Donn Trenner.

Pianists kept switching with Jeff replacing Donn for Molly’s sweet Sugar.

 Molly and Jeff were left alone for  Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.

Fryer on euphonium

Jim Fryer dedicates Easy Living to Connecticut



Jim Fryer has a Connecticut background, living in Wallingford for 12 years.  He came up with Gen, Kevin, and Donn for  Billie Holidays’ Easy Living.  Jim dedicated it to the State of Connecticut.





Mood Indigo – Tom Boates and Jim Fryer

Scott and Noel, a tune they often played in Maine with Muriel Havenstein, Jeff and Brian joining them, for Swing That Music – Barnhart going WILD on keyboard!!

see above

They do Swing That Music!!

Brian Nalepka plays bass and sings

Brian Nalepka is also an excellent vocalist.




Brian’s turn to lead, with his vocal, on Linger Awhile, with Tom Boates added on trombone.





Gotta give the boss his due – Joel on vocal with Scott, Noel, Tom, Jeff, Jim Lawlor – with a Father’s Mustache Honky Tonk Town..

Boss gets his chance to shine.

Boss gets his chance to shine.

Gordon Au on trumpet, Scott, Molly and Tom Boates on guitar, for 3-guitar session on I’ve Got The World On a String.

Donn returned at piano for Exactly Like You with Fryer, Gordon, Dan, Molly on guitar, and Lawlor drums.  Dorothy Fields did this with Jimmy McHugh in 1935, Lawlor vocal. Gordon played powerful trumpet, Gen couldn’t help bouncing with the rhythm.  She and Dan had marvelous exchange on clarinet and string bass.

Lawlor plays drums and sings Exactly Like You

Lawlor sings too!





Kevin, Gordon, Fryer, Dan, Gen, Donn with Molly vocal on Meet Me Tonight Dreamland – 1909. The song came from Coney Island which was then only attended by the wealthy, hence “Dreamland”.  It had very many lights.  One night they caught fire and the place burned down.




Everyone left except Molly, Gen, and Donn for You Took Advantage of Me.

You Took Advantage of Me with Donn Trenner backing Molly

You Took Advantage of Me with Donn Trenner backing Molly

Molly took a break.  Leaving the Trio, with Gen shining on string bass, Kevin drums, and Donn piano on Sunny Side of The Street.

Bogalusa Strut, with Gordon, Scotty, Noel, Dan on tenor sax, Boates, Fryer on euphonium, Barnhart and Lawler, with Joel sitting in, Nalepka tuba – euphonium and tuba duet!  Superb drumming by Lawlor!  The whole band joined in singing New Orleans.

Barnhart standing with arms folded looking at brass musicians.

Barnhart stunned by all that brass!

Clarinet duet, Dan and Noel, with Lawlor, Scott on guitar, Joel, Brian on string bass, Jeff on Avalon

described above

Amazing clarinet duet on Avalon with Dan Levinson and Noel Kaletsky

Noel, Jeff, and Jim Lawlor continued with a wild fast tempo tune done by Wild Bill misguidedly named Sleep.

Time for Jeff’s Banjorama, with Joel, Kevin, Brian on tuba, Jeff, When Day is Done, Sweet Adeline, and many, many more, with all the fans and volunteers singing along.  Your Fathers Mustache banjo players came from North Carolina and Christ Fennimore (left) came from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to join Joel.  Fans and Volunteers joined heartily in the sing-along.

band members laughing as Joel leads fans in song

Everyone gets in on the act for the Banjorama

Donn Trenner back for Molly Ryan vocal on Jeepers Creepers, with Gen, Kevin, Gordon, Tom Boates, Scott on guitar. Dan on tenor sax. Fantastic.

Molly, Jeff, Gen, Tom, Kevin, Scotty still on guitar, I Ain’t Got Nobody. Growling trombone, Hot Stuff.  Molly doing vocal duet with Jeff piano.
NobodyTime for a slow waltz.  This was not on the list. Molly vocal, Dan, Gen, Jeff, Kevin, Hushaby Mountain.  Nice piano and Molly vocal, Gen bowing the bass, Dan on tenor sax.  Ended the way it started, with piano and vocal.

Lawlor back, Noel on clarinet, Nalepka tuba, Scott on cornet, Gordon trumpet, Jim Fryer, Jeff.  I Ain’t Got Nobody.

Gordon and Scott battling on I Ain't Got Nobody

Gordon and Scott battling on I Ain’t Got Nobody

Scotty cornet and Noel clarinet absolutely fantastic, Gordon and Fryer, trumpet and trombone trading, 4’s  for Lu Waters’ Come Back Sweet Poppa. 

The Au Brothers were raised on Lu Waters by their uncle, Howard Miatta, who plays with the High Sierra Jazz Band. Our guys continued with a stormy version of Struttin’ With Some Barbecue. 

There was time for one more ‘classy’ tune with a small ensemble, before the final fiasco. Donn Trenner called for Duke’s  A Train, Donn in constant, fluid, rhythmic motion.  Absolutely beautiful! This man loves to play piano.

A train

Gordon ended it as he had begun, leading the Finale, a rip roaring Panama!

Everyone up for Panama

Everyone up for Panama

Breathless.  That’s how we were left this Saturday Evening of Jeff and Joel’s House Party!   Yet there was more coming on Sunday……

Jeff & Joel’s House Party October 13-14, 2012

Michael Steinman


JAZZ LIVES – Michael Steinman, said it all:  VERTIGO!


 Photos by Eric and Sherral Devine

Next party: April 20-21, 2013Top: Noel Kaletsky, Sal Raniello, Genevieve Rose, Freddy Vigorito, Ross Petot, John Clark, Paul Monat
Stairs: Pam Pameijer, Craig Grant, Jim Fryer, Vince Giordano, Bob Barta, Jeff Barnhart, Joel Schiavone

Because of the decline in Traditional Jazz Festivals, Joel and Donna Schiavone again opened their 1804 home to eager Jazz aficionados.

At the last House Party, Jeff Barnhart picked the band, gave it a leader, and let them improvise JAZZ.   This time, he picked the band (but anyone could opt in or opt out), picked a leader, gave them a theme “Play some Louis”, Play some Eddy Condon” Play some Blues”, “Play something HOT”. But only for two tunes. 

Then the  musicians moved out to the right, next band moved in from the left. It was absolute insanity!  There were musicians and instruments constantly moving through the audience.   But what else would you expect at Jeff and Joel’s House Party?

Paul Monat had the first band, with Jim Fryer trombone, Noel Kaletsky clarinet, Jeff Barnhart piano,  Bob Barta banjo/vocal, Genevieve Rose string bass, Sal Raniello drums

I lost track of how many bands, or how many tunes (over 100).

I’m sorry I made you cry
Someday You’ll be sorry
Jazz Me Blues

two cornets

two clarinets

Two trombones- turbulent duet!
Shimme she-wobble

Only ONE –

Vince Giordano, whose music for Boardwalk Empire won a Grammy award this year.
Back Home Again in Indiana


Paul Monat traded 4’s with himself on cornet and tuba.My Gal Sal

On the more serious side – Believe it or not, Jeff Barnhart does have a serious side.
He chose classical music for himself, Frederic Chopin – Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2

Ross Petot, New England’s best kept secret, pianist, teacher, composer, arranger.  In his own  signature stride piano, Gone With The Wind. He made the melody come alive.

Noel on clarinet, with Pam and Ross: Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans.
Dinah – I love Pam’s Trad beat!
Craig Grant on trombone: Milenberg Joys

Paul & Freddy, two cornets, Vince on bass sax, Storyville Blues

Dinners and breakfast were First Class, thanks to Carol and Glenn Ott.

photos by Marilyn Snow

Dippermouth Blues:

Genevieve Rose’s set had Jeff on piano, Barta banjo, Pam drums for Shanty in Old Shanty Town.  She was unfamiliar with these tunes and has never played most of them.
A resourceful pro,  she  listened to the others, played rich tones, and maintained a powerful, full beat.  Amazing!

Carnegie Hall stage full of banjo players
Joel recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of “Your Father’s Mustache”
at Carnegie Hall.

Of course we had sing-alongs – with a four-piece banjo band, Joel, Bob Barta, Noel, and even Vince Giordano.  Everyone got into the act.  (I wish the camera had been on Michael Steinman!)  Marce

Pam on washboard

Vince on drums

Jim Fryer on euphonium, with Sal Raniello and Jeff on piano: The Gypsy

This music spans all ages.  Special surprise guest, ‘Red’ Balaban singing Porter’s Love Song To a Chamber Maid. Balaban played at Your Father’s Mustache in New York.  He worked extensively as a sideman, for musicians such as Wild Bill Davison, Eddie Condon, Gene Krupa, Dick Wellstood, and Kenny Davern. He co-led Eddie Condon’s house band with Ed Polcer from 1975; other noted musicians in this outfit included Vic Dickenson, Warren Vache, and Connie Kay. The club closed in the mid-1980s. Balaban continues playing today in Connecticut. (Wikipedia)

Jeff introduced Fourteen-year-old Andrew Ferno, who covered the music spectrum with fine piano renditions of Do The Hucklebuck and Thelonius’s Blue Monkk.
Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT

More videos:

Melancholy Blues

You Made Me Love You

Young And Healthy

When Did You Leave Heaven?

The Mooch

Darkness on the Delta

Stevedore Stomp

Up a Lazy River

Sherral’s Family:

The Austin Family from St. Augustine Florida, Fairfield CT and Northborough, MA

This weekend was what Jeff called “An embarrassment of riches!”
Special thanks to the volunteers: Kitchen crew: Carol and Glenn Ott and Bruce and Lecia Scranton. Musician liaison (outstanding job by the way) Judy Postemsky; Anne Barnhart in charge of CDs; Mairi Bryan – finance tracker; Irene Cowern – publicity maven extraordinaire, Eric Devine – technical genius, John Hedden – gatekeeper/checkeriner;  Zachary Lysobey – webmaster, Andrew Carolla – parking person, Joel and Donna Schiavone – hosts with the most;

Maureen Cunningham, who is way too modest!  She does a ton of things, compliments everyone else – and never takes credit for a thing!  Telephone Reservations, Seating Grids (including weekly up-dates), Badges, Typing/Printing, Chair/Cushion Delivery. (Thanks for the cushions!)

And thanks to Donna for sharing  your fabulous home!

We’re looking forward to the next House Party April 20-21, 2013 Join us, tickets go on sale December 1st