Midiri Brothers with  Jeff Barnhart at Bemis Hall August 13, 2017

Barnhart, Midiris, and Taddeo

The Big Four

by Marce
videos by Eric Devine

A full house greeted Jeff Barnhart and the Midiri Brothers at Bemis Hall in Lincoln MA.  We were thrilled to have the Midiri Brothers back, and they were happy to return with Steve Taddeo.

This was Jeff Barnhart’s debut here; he enjoyed the antique Steinway piano and gave it a workout on High Society.

High society

Midiri Brothers were at their best with Jeff Barnhart singing My Gal Sal.

It’s the Talk of the Town

Caroline Griep joined them on vocals  How About You,

If I Had You:

The Midiri Brothers showed their Classical side with song taken from Antonin Dvořák with Joe on soprano sax – Songs My Mother Taught To Me.

Steve Taddeo showed Jeff his drum walk-around on Savoy.  (15 minutes)

Taddeo with cymbal by the piano

Drum “walk around”

Joe Midiri took to tenor sax for Dark Eyes

He took to soprano sax for Honey Hush

The afternoon closed with a HOT Crazy Rhythm.

“Regulars” enjoyed listening to a fabulous afternoon of Swing and Jazz presented by Harold McAleer and The Lincoln Council on Aging, and produced by Steve Taddeo.

2 ladies and a gent

Connie, Bob, Jeannine

granddaughter and grandmother

Maryanne and Marie Mosiejczuk

Jeff Barnhart and The Midiri Brothers expressed their joy at playing here and said they would be back!  We will definitely let you know!

Thank you, Eric Devine, for the videos, and Harold McAleer and the Lincoln Council on Aging for the presentation.

Eric Devine

Harold speaking at mic

Harold McAleer

Tune List:

Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas
My Gal Sal
It’s The Talk of The Town
How About You – Caroline
If I Had You               “
Shimmy She Wobble
Honey Hush
High Society
Dark Eyes
Song My Mother Taught to Me  – Antonín Dvořák

Sheik of Araby
Jeepers Creepers – Caroline
Sunny Side of the Street
Crazy Rhythm



JJHP 2015 Sunday

Friday      Saturday Afternoon     Saturday Evening

7 pc Trad Jazz Band

First Band on Sunday


The audience never knew what they were going to hear because the Bands didn’t know what they were going to play, until they read the ‘instructions’ on Jeff’s lists for each session of the House Party.  This music never gets dull!

Sunday started HOT with Fred Vigorito, Dan Levinson, Jim Fryer, Joel, Brian Nalepka,  on Lil Armstrong’s 1923 Strutting With Some Barbecue. Fred and Jeff surprised us singing the parts of Gary Crosby and Louis Armstrong.

Fred is Gary Crosby, Jeff is Louis Armstrong

Fred is Gary Crosby, Jeff is Louis Armstrong on Louis Armstrong’s Struttin’ With Some Barbecue

Jim Fryer led the band on a stomping Stevedore Stomp.
Dan Levinson in charge, picked Johnny Long’s Shanty In Old Shanty Town, with Joel Schiavone singing, and everyone joining in.

Change of crew – Donn Trenner, Noel, Scotty, Tom, Gen and Kevin on Beale St. Blues, fine trombone with Tom Boates singing the vocal.  Gen’s chordal subtleties created an extraordinary exchange with Tom’s sonorous trombone.

Tom trombone, Noel clarinet

Tom Boates


Genieve Rose leader, same group on My Heart, with Jeff at piano.   Creative exchange between Tom and Noel, followed by an energetic solo by Genevieve Rose.



Donn Trenner smiling with Jeff Barnhart

Donn Trenner and Jeff Barnhart

Donn Trenner congratulated Jeff and Joel for their incredible accomplishment.  He said “I feel inadequate here.  This isn’t the music I grew up with; I don’t know the tunes.  I started a family late, have a daughter who is 23 years old.  She had the advantage of being at Guilford High School with the Music Director, Tom Boates.”

Trenner was marvelous on solo with one of his favorites, Michel Legrand’s If I Live Forever I Will Wait For You.  Donn can be seen leading the 18-piece Hartford Jazz Orchestra every Monday at the Arch St. Tavern in Hartford.  He inherited this wonderful orchestra from “Chick” Cicchetti, a celebrated trombonist, pianist, and arranger who died in 2000 at age 82.  Donn played Chick’s arrangement of More Than You Know.

It was Sunday, and time for a soulful message, provided by our vocalist, Molly Ryan, with Dan Levinson on tenor sax, Scott Philbrick on guitar, Jim Lawlor drums, Brian Nalepka on tuba, Jeff Barnhart on piano.  Molly sang a tune originally written by Cannonball Adderly in 1956, and borrowed by many musicians afterwards, Sermonette.

Still in a Sunday mood, Jim Fryer was called up for a Benny Goodman tune,  Get Rhythm in Your Feet, and Music in Your Soul.



Molly and Gen

Molly Ryan backed by Genevieve Rose


Molly Ryan singing with Gen Rose on string bass, eliminated the ‘testosterone’ on stage, with a marvelous version of a song made popular by Dinah Shore, Far Away Places.



Trombone feature, Ory’s Creole Trombone, was wild, with Tom, Jim, Fred, Noel, Jeff, Brian, Kevin.

Tom Boates and Jim Fryer trombone with band

Trombone Feature with Ory’s Creole Trombone, of course.

They continued with Brian Nalepka on tuba with Lu Watter’s Big Bear Stomp.

Scotty and Fred on cornet

Two cornets



Two cornet feature with Fred and Scott on a barn-burning Swing That Music.




Joel came up with the same group singing, Row, Row, Row.  He said “they don’t write them like that anymore.”

Joel singing with band laughing

The Boss sings.

After that, it was time for a mellow tune, featuring Dan Levinson on gut-wrenching tenor sax, with Donn, Gen,  Lawlor, the 1947 Gone With The Wind.

Dan featured on tenor

Dan fabulous on tenor sax

Dan and Donn make beautiful music together.  Molly on guitar, Scotty cornet, Lover Come Back To Me.

Scotty cornet, Levinson clarinet

Lover Come Back To Me

Molly took over, singing the last four vocals, Ain’t Misbehaving, with Scott, Fred,  Gen, Donn, Lawlor.  Travellin’ All Night Long. Taking a chance on love, Right Key but the wrong keyhole.

almost in their 90's

Sharon and Ed Ohr


Half the fun at being at a Festival or House Party is running into old friends. It’s the only time we get to see marvelous folks like Sharon and Ed Orr, and make new friends like Don Trenner.

Donn has recently published a book, Leave it to Me, My Life in Music.



“The weekend ended with a rousing version of ‘Joe Avery’s Piece’ and then the grand finale with all the musicians playing – drum roll please – ‘High Society’ with Noel & Dan doing the famous Alphonse Picou clarinet solo.  This was followed with a reprise of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ which Jeff and Dan sang earlier – very nostalgic and, as always, nobody wanted it to be over……………..”   Sue Finn

I didn't get the name of it!

Everyone posed for the Finale of another marvelous Jeff and Joel House Party!!

The 7th JJHP is scheduled for October 7-9, 2016 and trust me, it will SELL OUT!  Half the tickets are already sold because Jeff and Joel are bringing us The Paris Washboard that we loved so much at the Connecticut festivals.  3-session tickets are $225, with Paris Washboard Friday night for $25 until July 1st.  Get your TICKETS now.


JJHP 2015 Saturday afternoon

——–>      Friday      Saturday Evening     Sunday

Joel holding banjo talking into mic.

Joel Schiavone welcomes everone.



After a delicious brunch created by the Kitchen Crew of Volunteers, Joel welcomed everyone to the Saturday afternoon session. Aficionados of all ages came from everywhere; Walter Landry was here at 96!

We all know that if you change one or two persons in a band, it changes the whole feeling/sound of the band.  Jeff Barnhart used this to create many different bands, and bring variety to the House Party.

He created a band of the players, picked a leader, and suggested what type of tune they should play: up, slow, med-up, med-slow, WGJB style, Djangoesque, Yerba Buena style.  The members got together, whether they’ve ever played together or not, and decided what tune to play and how they would handle it. They spoke to each other with their music.  It created a “Festival” of bands.

Band 1 Scotty

Jeff Barnhart’s list of 28 instructions/performances started this afternoon with Scott Philbrick, Dan Levinson, Tom Boates, Jeff Barnhart, Joel Schiavone, Brian Nalepka, Jim Lawlor. Scott Philbrick was in charge for a medium-up tune that Brian could sing.  When You’re Smiling.

Dan on tenor sax with Brian Nalepka behind him

Dan Levinson on fabulous tenor sax


The virtuosic Dan Levinson was back; this was his 17th year appearing at a Connecticut Jazz Festival.

He is responsible for many of the young musicians in New York playing our kind of music – Thank you, Dan!

He was in charge of this same group for a medium-slow tune (called for by the list.)  Dan was inspiring on tenor sax with After You’ve Gone.


Tom Boates was next in charge for an up-tune, Baby Won’t You Please Come Home.   And so it went with 28 tunes  in every session a variety of music played by seventeen talented musicians.  My cup runneth over!!

Donn on keyboard

Donn Trenner, photo by Jan Sopelak



Group two introduced pianist Donn Trennor on keyboard.  Trenner, 88 has a long history of playing and directing with many famous musicians.  In the 1960s, Trenner worked as a studio musician, and led The Steve Allen Show house band. He also did work with Bob Hope.  Donn has just released his book, Leave it to Me…. My Life in Music.    He knows music!, playing sophisticated solo on Days of Wine and Roses , then rambling up with a powerful Satin Doll.   


Molly Ryan sang a heartfelt Cottage For Sale, with Donn Trenner on keyboard; an enchanting duet.

Lawlor at drums with a snare

Jim Lawlor, photo Jan Sopelak


Jim Lawlor came from New Jersey – traffic was horrendous, he was late, and minus a snare drum, But he managed well without it on Friday. By Saturday, the snare drum was located and all was well with the Trad Jazz world.

He even gave us a fine vocal on Pennies From Heaven, with Scott Philbrick and Brian Nalepka.  




The third group had Molly on guitar, Dan on clarinet and tenor sax, Jeff back on keys, Kevin Dorn drums, for My Honey’s Loving Arms.

They do have fun playing music together.  Molly’s vocal on My Blue Heaven, Dan grabbed the mic singing, “Just Molly and Me,” with Molly adding “and Barnhart makes three!”  Check Jeff’s reaction!

Fourth band was led by Tom Boates with Jim  Fryer, both fine trombonist, with Gen bass, Lawlor drums for a very different Mood Indigo from the Anderson Brothers.

Gen Rose on double bass

Gen Rose, photo by Jan Sopelak




Genevieve Rose provides the right chords and excellent beat on string bass.





Fred Vigorito led the fifth band with a wild Oh Baby, lots of brass with Fred,  Jim Fryer, Tom Boates, Scotty, Noel, Gen, Lawlor, Molly on guitar, and Donn Trenner keys,

Molly and Scott moved to guitar for a Noel and Fred’s knockout Chinaboy.

Fred and Noel let go on Sheik of Araby pushed by two guitars

Fred on cornet and Noel on soprano sax let loose on Chinaboy boosted by two guitars

Tom Boates joins them for 3 guitars – Molly sings Dark Eyes….

Fred, Noel, Jenn, Kevin, Tom, Jeff, Joel played a gripping Sleepy Time Down South, and a fine medley of Hoagy Carmichael songs.

Sleepy Time Down South

Sleepy Time Down South

 Molly returned with this group for I Wonder Who’s Kissing Him Now.

Molly smiling and singing

Molly Ryan

She was given the choice of picking musicians and asked,  “Who wants to play with me?”  — That had everyone grinning!

She chose Dan, of course, Jim Lawlor, Gen, Joel, Jim Fryer, and Donn Trenner for Be Sure Its True When You Say I Love You – a beautiful waltz.



Getting back to a favorite Traditional Jazz number, with Yerba Buena’s, Bienville Blues, otherwise known as Storyville Blues, with veteran Trad players Freddy Vigorito and Scott Philbrick on cornet.

7 piece Trad Jazz Band with Joel in back

Yerba Buena number, Bienville Blues

Kevin with wire brushes

Kevin Dorn



Canal St. Blues was a King Oliver stomp, with a powerful front line, livewire ensemble, backed by Kevin’s light but forceful drumming.






Time for another Banjorama, with Joel leading, and everyone singing along with Patriotic songs.

Joel singing hearily backed by Fred on cornet

Joel leads the Banjorama,                                photo by Jan Sopelak, Show Photography

Tom trombone, Gordon trumpet

Tom Boates and Gordon Au

New York’s Gordon Au arrived.  Welcome back, Gordon!!

Molly had the final vocals, intuitively connecting with the mood of each song:  A Good Man is Hard to Find, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, and Get Out And Get Under The Moon.

Gordon joined on trumpet for a prolific brass  finale, with Fryer on euphonium and Nalepka on tuba.

Eleven musicians

Gordon Au joins in Finale

It was a thrilling, crowd pleasing afternoon. We took a break and returned with a full house, anticipating a fine Saturday dinner and a Jazzy evening.


Jeff and Joel’s House Party 2015 – Saturday Evening

Completed videos have been sent to musicians for approval and will appear here as they are received.  Some of these pictures will disappear. Enjoy for now.

——–>     Friday    Saturday Afternoon     Sunday

After a delicious Dinner Buffet the first Saturday Evening band was led by Gordon Au, with Jim Fryer, Jim Lawlor, Dan Levinson on clarinet, Genevieve Rose on string bass, and Jeff Barnhart on piano.  They began with a HOT Buddy’s Habits.

7 pc trad jazz band

Band One led by Gordon Au, Saturday Evening at Jeff & Joel’s House Party, 2015

Same crew, Dan Levinson in charge, a 1922 tune played by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Nobody’s Sweetheart Now.  This is a Banjorama tune – Joel couldn’t help but come up to sing the melody.

Donn Trenner on keyboard


Don Trenner traded places with Jeff, but before he could start, Dan Levinson pointed his clarinet at Donn and singlehandedly played Thanks For The Memories, in commemoration of all the years Donn played with Bob Hope.



Honeysuckle Rose – Fryer gets to sing

Scott and Noel played together in John Sheehan's

Scott and Noel played together for years  in John Sheehan’s Heritage Jazz Band.




Change of crew – Noel Kalesky, Kevin Dorn, Scott Philbrick, Brian Nalepka and Jeff, The Things We Did Last Summer. Masterful duet between Scott and Noel.  They’ve been friends for a long time.


Donn Trenner back, with Noel Kaletsky and Scott Philbrick with a rousing  Lady be Good,

Dan Levinson on his fabulous tenor sax, Gordon Au, Tom Boates, Donn Trenner, Brian Nalepks, and Molly Ryan were up with Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

explained above

Molly Ryan captures the crowd with Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams

Gordon continued with Molly singing Ain’t She Sweet, with Dan, Gen, Brian, and Donn.  Gen on string bass marvelously trading 4’s with Donn Trenner.

Pianists kept switching with Jeff replacing Donn for Molly’s sweet Sugar.

 Molly and Jeff were left alone for  Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.

Fryer on euphonium

Jim Fryer dedicates Easy Living to Connecticut



Jim Fryer has a Connecticut background, living in Wallingford for 12 years.  He came up with Gen, Kevin, and Donn for  Billie Holidays’ Easy Living.  Jim dedicated it to the State of Connecticut.





Mood Indigo – Tom Boates and Jim Fryer

Scott and Noel, a tune they often played in Maine with Muriel Havenstein, Jeff and Brian joining them, for Swing That Music – Barnhart going WILD on keyboard!!

see above

They do Swing That Music!!

Brian Nalepka plays bass and sings

Brian Nalepka is also an excellent vocalist.




Brian’s turn to lead, with his vocal, on Linger Awhile, with Tom Boates added on trombone.





Gotta give the boss his due – Joel on vocal with Scott, Noel, Tom, Jeff, Jim Lawlor – with a Father’s Mustache Honky Tonk Town..

Boss gets his chance to shine.

Boss gets his chance to shine.

Gordon Au on trumpet, Scott, Molly and Tom Boates on guitar, for 3-guitar session on I’ve Got The World On a String.

Donn returned at piano for Exactly Like You with Fryer, Gordon, Dan, Molly on guitar, and Lawlor drums.  Dorothy Fields did this with Jimmy McHugh in 1935, Lawlor vocal. Gordon played powerful trumpet, Gen couldn’t help bouncing with the rhythm.  She and Dan had marvelous exchange on clarinet and string bass.

Lawlor plays drums and sings Exactly Like You

Lawlor sings too!





Kevin, Gordon, Fryer, Dan, Gen, Donn with Molly vocal on Meet Me Tonight Dreamland – 1909. The song came from Coney Island which was then only attended by the wealthy, hence “Dreamland”.  It had very many lights.  One night they caught fire and the place burned down.




Everyone left except Molly, Gen, and Donn for You Took Advantage of Me.

You Took Advantage of Me with Donn Trenner backing Molly

You Took Advantage of Me with Donn Trenner backing Molly

Molly took a break.  Leaving the Trio, with Gen shining on string bass, Kevin drums, and Donn piano on Sunny Side of The Street.

Bogalusa Strut, with Gordon, Scotty, Noel, Dan on tenor sax, Boates, Fryer on euphonium, Barnhart and Lawler, with Joel sitting in, Nalepka tuba – euphonium and tuba duet!  Superb drumming by Lawlor!  The whole band joined in singing New Orleans.

Barnhart standing with arms folded looking at brass musicians.

Barnhart stunned by all that brass!

Clarinet duet, Dan and Noel, with Lawlor, Scott on guitar, Joel, Brian on string bass, Jeff on Avalon

described above

Amazing clarinet duet on Avalon with Dan Levinson and Noel Kaletsky

Noel, Jeff, and Jim Lawlor continued with a wild fast tempo tune done by Wild Bill misguidedly named Sleep.

Time for Jeff’s Banjorama, with Joel, Kevin, Brian on tuba, Jeff, When Day is Done, Sweet Adeline, and many, many more, with all the fans and volunteers singing along.  Your Fathers Mustache banjo players came from North Carolina and Christ Fennimore (left) came from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to join Joel.  Fans and Volunteers joined heartily in the sing-along.

band members laughing as Joel leads fans in song

Everyone gets in on the act for the Banjorama

Donn Trenner back for Molly Ryan vocal on Jeepers Creepers, with Gen, Kevin, Gordon, Tom Boates, Scott on guitar. Dan on tenor sax. Fantastic.

Molly, Jeff, Gen, Tom, Kevin, Scotty still on guitar, I Ain’t Got Nobody. Growling trombone, Hot Stuff.  Molly doing vocal duet with Jeff piano.
NobodyTime for a slow waltz.  This was not on the list. Molly vocal, Dan, Gen, Jeff, Kevin, Hushaby Mountain.  Nice piano and Molly vocal, Gen bowing the bass, Dan on tenor sax.  Ended the way it started, with piano and vocal.

Lawlor back, Noel on clarinet, Nalepka tuba, Scott on cornet, Gordon trumpet, Jim Fryer, Jeff.  I Ain’t Got Nobody.

Gordon and Scott battling on I Ain't Got Nobody

Gordon and Scott battling on I Ain’t Got Nobody

Scotty cornet and Noel clarinet absolutely fantastic, Gordon and Fryer, trumpet and trombone trading, 4’s  for Lu Waters’ Come Back Sweet Poppa. 

The Au Brothers were raised on Lu Waters by their uncle, Howard Miatta, who plays with the High Sierra Jazz Band. Our guys continued with a stormy version of Struttin’ With Some Barbecue. 

There was time for one more ‘classy’ tune with a small ensemble, before the final fiasco. Donn Trenner called for Duke’s  A Train, Donn in constant, fluid, rhythmic motion.  Absolutely beautiful! This man loves to play piano.

A train

Gordon ended it as he had begun, leading the Finale, a rip roaring Panama!

Everyone up for Panama

Everyone up for Panama

Breathless.  That’s how we were left this Saturday Evening of Jeff and Joel’s House Party!   Yet there was more coming on Sunday……

Discount on Jeff & Joel’s House Party, October 9-11

instruments floating on orange backgroundMore than a quarter of our seats for October are sold.  We’ve kept prices for the three session tickets at $225 per person.  Remember each session includes a meal.  (Friday Night tickets will be available at $30 per person for every 3 session ticket purchased before July 1, 2015.  After July 1, single session Friday Night tickets will be $40.00.
A personal gift for you or a special gift for that special person is available right now!

Jeff and Joel and the JJHP volunteers are jazzed up planning the next House Party October 9, 10 and 11, 2015.

Dinner foods on warmers with volunteers

Volunteers Glenn Ott and Harry Hom serve dinner

Some of the Musicians for October 2015

Peter and Will Anderson — reeds    Fred Vigorito – cornet
Scott Philbrick – trumpet/banjo       Gordon Au–trumpet
Noel Kaletsky – reeds                     Dan Levinson – reeds

Tom Boates — trombone                 Jim Fryer — trombone
Gen Rose -– bass                            Brian Nalepka  –- tuba/bass/vocals
Molly Ryan –- vocals and guitar      Jeff Barnhart –- piano/vocals

Joel Schiavone–banjo/vocals          Don Trenner – piano
Kevin Dorn–drums                          Jim Lawlor –drums

As many of you jazz aficionados remember, every performance since the inception of the House Party has been a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, body rocking time.  Hope you all have visited YouTube to see and hear many selections from all our previous House Parties.  If not, please go to YouTube, type in Jeff and Joel’s House Party and enjoy.  We defy you to sit still.
tables full of Breakfast food

Volunteer Harry Hom serves breakfast

Please contact 203-208-1481 and Maureen will answer any questions and upon payment guarantee reservations in a confirming e-mail to you and/or your guest(s).  So, don’t miss out on this opportunity as we fully expect the October 2015 performances will be sold out.  (This past October all sessions were essentially sold out.  We will open sales July 1, 2015 for single sessions.)  Please note our website is being updated.
Maureen Cunningham
 CineDevine VIDEOS of previous house parties

Jeff & Joel’s House Party-2014, will return Columbus Day weekend 2015!

Joel at microphone

Joel Schiavone

Jeff Barnhart smiling

Jeff Barnhart

by Sue Finn
videos by Eric Devine (we’re still adding more!)
pictures by Marce

Jeff Barnhart – piano                                              Joel Schiavone – banjo
Fred Vigorito – cornet                                             Lew Green – cornet
Bob Ferguson – trumpet & flugelhorn                     Herb Roselle – trombone
Herb Gardner – trombone & piano                          Will Anderson – reeds
Noel Kaletsky – reeds                                              Peter Anderson – reeds
Dan Levinson – reeds                                              Molly Ryan – vocals
Vince Giordano – bass, tuba & bass saxophone     Genevieve Rose – bass
Tom Palinko – drums                                                Bill Reynolds – drums
……and, from ‘Your Father’s Mustache’,  Chris Fennimore & Bob Whyte on banjo

11 musicians playing

Saturday Night at Jeff & Joel’s House Party

The fifth Jeff & Joel’s House Party was held October 10, 11 & 12, 2014.  This time the party was not at Joel’s house but just around the corner at the Guilford VFW Hall.  There was some trepidation about the new venue – nobody likes change! – but it turned out to be a perfect location and they hope to have it there again in October 2015.

As always, it was a wonderful weekend – I consider it my annual ‘retreat’ and always feel rejuvenated at the end, probably because it reminds me of my teenage years when I first knew and loved traditional jazz music (during the ‘trad boom’ in England in the early 1960’s)!  The food was delicious and the volunteers did their usual magic.  We see only the magic but it is the result of much hard work all year long.  Many thanks to all of them and to Jeff & Joel for all the organization.

The program worked a little differently this time.  Instead of the combination of musicians changing for every number they generally stayed together for three selections, chosen by three different band members.  This worked well with less ‘traffic’.  Many of the musicians had never even met, never mind played together before and it is a source of awe for many of the members of the audience when, after a few short words of discussion, the song is played perfectly.  Sometimes, some of the band members had never even heard the song before!  This was particularly true of the two young reed players, Will & Peter Anderson

Anderson Brothers on clarinet and alto sax

Pete and Will Anderson

The Friday night program was performed by Dan Levinson, Molly Ryan, Jeff Barnhart, Bill Reynolds and Vince Giordano.  This was the first time Dan & Molly had appeared at the House Party and they were there only for the Friday session.

Dan on alto sax, Molly singing

Dan Levinson and Molly Ryan

Molly sang a wide variety of songs from traditional ballads to novelty numbers and everything in between.

I Was Saying To The Moon

Her voice is always beautiful and she was a pleasure to listen to and of, course, Dan is a virtuoso on the clarinet and C-melody saxophone.
Where the Morning Glories Grow:

Silver Dollar (A Woman goes from Man to Man)  Vince on bass sax:

Love Is Just Around The Corner, Reynolds shows his versatility trading 4’s with Dan.

My Baby Just Cares for me:with Vince, Dan Jeff Barnhart, and Bill Reynolds:

The entire evening was a treat, my favorites were ‘Meet me Tonight in Dreamland’, ‘Oh Daddy’, ‘Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered’ and ‘What a Little Moonlight Can Do’.  ‘You’ve Got the Right Key but the Wrong Keyhole’ was a lot of fun. Dan played an old favorite of mine ‘Wildcat Blues’ which I haven’t heard in more years than I care to remember.  I hope we’ll see them both at the House Party again soon.

Lew Green on cornet

Lew Green



The other 3 sessions included all the musicians, with Noel Kaletsky only there on Sunday and Lew Green only Saturday evening when Fred Vigorito was away.



Saturday afternoon:
Anderson Brothers play Indian Summer:

More Saturday coming….


The following is a description of some of the performances from the Sunday afternoon session.

The program started with ‘Darktown Strutters Ball’, ‘Shine’ & ‘Avalon’.

Then Fred called ‘Someday You’ll Be Sorry’ with Jeff doing the vocal.
Herb G. sang ‘Happy Feet’.

Noel & Will did a fantastic duet on two clarinets on ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’.

Noel Kaletsky fiery solo on Sleep, with Jeff Barnhart, Tom Palinko, and Gen Rose.

Jeff played a piano solo and sang a song entitled ‘I Left My Sugar Standing in the Rain and My Sugar Melted Away’.
Joel join in on ‘Dippermouth Blues’ with Bob Ferguson trumpet and Freddy cornet, Roselle’s fabulous trombone:

Next came ‘South’, then ‘Lester Leaps In’ with three saxes and Herb G, Gen & Tom in the rhythm section, followed by ‘I’m Confessin’ That I Love You’ and ‘The Sheik of Araby’, the latter with three clarinets and Jeff, Tom & Vince.

paper plate

Joel sang ‘Row, Row, Row’ with Fred, Herb R and Vince on bass sax.  Then Vince sang a song which no-one else knew called ‘Take Your Tomorrow & Give Me Today’.  He gave Herb G the chord changes written on a paper plate!   Fred, Peter and the rest of the band followed along and, as always, it all turned out perfectly………..


Ain’t Misbehavin’:  Will Anderson, Freddy, Roselle, Jeff, Gen and Tom

Saxophonist Herb Roselle on speaker

Herb Roselle was in Your Father’s Mustache and fired up the band.



Herb R. told us about the Philadelphia Mummers Parade and he and Bob F. played a medley of ‘Linger Awhile’ and ‘June Night’. 




Bob Ferguson’s wife Rita sang a very emotional version of ‘You Made Me Love You’ with Bob playing a trumpet solo.

Peter, Bob F, Herb G, Jeff, Tom & Gen played ‘When Your Lover Has Gone’ followed by a valiant attempt by Herb G. to sing ‘Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone’ with Joel at the other mike singing ‘Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue’ at the same time.

A rousing version of ‘South Rampart Street Parade’ was next with three reeds, trumpet, cornet, trombone and banjo.  Then Chris and Bob W joined Joel on stage for the banjo band sing along (which happened in both Saturday sets as well).  This part is always fun because the audience joins in.  (Including me – I try to lip sync but get carried away sometimes – fortunately there was enough noise going on that I don’t think my awful off-key voice bothered too many people, except my long-suffering fellow fans in the front row!)

3 ladies and 91-yr-old gent in front row

Susan Breig, Sue Finn, Joan Boutelle and 91 yr. old George Hatch

The banjo band was followed by a brass band, all the brass instruments and no reeds playing ‘Swing That Music’ backed by Tom, Vince and Jeff who did the vocal.

The next three numbers had all the reeds.  The first was ‘Mood Indigo’ with three clarinets, Tom, Vince who did scat and a vocal by Jeff.

Vince Giordano singing

Vince sings Three Little Words



Vince did the vocal on ‘Three Little Words’

and then we had four saxophones, Noel – soprano, Will – alto, Peter – tenor and Vince on bass.

4 brass

The session ended with ‘Strike Up the Band’ and the grand finale, a very loud and wonderful version of ‘Panama’ with all the musicians on the stage playing their hearts out and the audience clapping and cheering.

All musicians standing and smiling

Finale – photo by Sue Finn


PICTURE SLIDES:  Sorry, all the pictures were encrypted by a Trojan Horse and had to be deleted.

Friday https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r5nij5ph58h40lc/AADGZrQ5h_7CvttXoJvNq63Xa?dl=0

Saturday Afternoon https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y8j7t7tqm6z6tdd/AADvmQ0HietVT5plyuEldVpYa?dl=0

Saturday Evening https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gaw6fg089z3l3j6/AAAN1IcKDx8pyNWJqjFIBhY9a?dl=0

Sunday https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tnjgd0uili6sskz/AAAe12jwEB4RIsYuCjykic33a?dl=0


  • Friday Night
    • Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland
    • I Was Saying To The Moon
    • Wildcat Blues
    • Where the Morning Glories Grow
    • Oh Daddy
    • My Baby Just Cares For Me
    • Silver Dollar
    • Sing For Your Supper
    • Love Is Just Around the Corner
    • Solace
    • Beyond the Blue Horizon
    • Weather Bird Rag
    • Get Out and Get Under The Moon
    • You’ve Got the Right Key But the Wrong Keyhole
    • Dipper Dan Dapper Dan (from Dixieland)
    • I Wonder Whose Kissing Her Now
    • Shuffle Along
    • Love Will Find A Way
    • Let’s Fly Away
    • Bewitched
    • Old Man Moon
    • What A Little Moonlight Can Do
  • Saturday Afternoon
    • It Had To Be You
    • At The Jazz Band Ball
    • A Kiss To Build A Dream On
    • Old Lady Be Good Lady Be Good 
    • Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
    • Dinah
    • Crazy About My Baby
    • Poor Butterfly
    • After You’ve Gone
    • Ain’t Misbehavin’
    • That’s A’Plenty
    • My Baby Just Cares For Me
    • Indian Summer
    • Bourbon Street Parade
    • Rose Room
    • Struttin’ With Some Barbeque
    • Baby Won’t You Please Come Home
    • Banjo-A-Rama
    • Basin Street Blues
    • Do I Love You?
    • Oh, Baby
    • Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
    • Avalon
    • Honey Suckle Rose
    • I Can’t Get Started
    • I Got Rhythm
    • Tin Roof Blues
    • High Society
  • Saturday Night
    • S’ Wonderful
    • Some Day You’ll Be Sorry
    • Some Of These Days
    • You’re Driving Me Crazy
    • If I Had You
    • Louis Blues
    • My Gal Sal
    • Indiana
    • Honky Tonk Town
    • Stars Fell on Alabama
    • Ida
    • Margie
    • Exactly Like You
    • Lulu’s Back In Town
    • Ja Da
    • Sleepy Time Down South
    • Somebody Stole My Gal
    • Pennies From Heaven
    • Stardust
    • Lime House Blues Limehouse Blues
    • Creole Love Call
    • Willie the Weeper
    • Ory’s Creole Trombone
    • Michigan
    • Banjo-A-Rama
    • Taking A Chance on Love
    • Someday Sweetheart
    • How Deep Is the Ocean?
    • What A Little Moonlight Can Do
    • Tiger Rag
  • Sunday Afternoon
    • Downtown Starters Ball Darktown Strutters’ Ball
    • Shine
    • Avalon
    • Someday You’ll Be Sorry
    • Happy Feet
    • Sweet Georgia Brown
    • My Sugar Melted In The Rain
    • Dipper Mouth Blues
    • South
    • Lester Leaps In
    • I’m Confessing That I Love You
    • The Sheik of Araby
    • Linger A While/June Night
    • You Made Me Happy
    • Row, Row, Row
    • Take Your Tomorrow and Give Me Today
    • Sleep
    • Ain’t Misbehaving
    • I’m Sorry I Made You Cry
    • When Your Lover Has Gone
    • Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
    • South Rampart Street Parade
    • Bango-o-Rama
    • Swing That Music
    • Mood Indigo
    • Three Little Words
    • Strike Up The Band
    • Panama

Jeff Barnhart and his Hot Rhythm for Essex Winter Series

Jeff Barnhart, Gordon Au, Dan Levinson, Vince Giordano

Jeff Barnhart and his Hot Rhythm

By: Jean Hadley
Photos by Ed Ohr
Videos by CineDevine

John Winthrop Middle School – Deep River, Connecticut,   March 2, 2014

Jeff Barnhart and His Hot Rhythm celebrate the music of Fats Waller at the The Stu Ingersoll Jazz Concert hosted by the Essex Winter Series.  Artistic director – Mihae Lee, Jazz artistic advisor – Jeff Barnhart.

Trumpet: Gordon Au (http://www.gordonaumusic.com/)
Reeds — Dan Levinson (http://www.danlevinson.com)
Piano: Jeff Barnhart (http://www.jeffbarnhart.com/)
Banjo: Bob Barta (http://sunnylandjazz.com/?page_id=6)
Bass — Vince Giordano (http://vincegiordano.com)
Drums: Kevin Dorn (http://www.kevindorn.com/)

Although the weather report was predicting threatening weather, people came out in droves to hear Jeff and his ensemble of fine musicians.  From the beginning to the end, it was an afternoon of delightful entertainment.

Jeff at piano

Jeff Barnhart                      all photos by Ed Ohr



Jeff, a piano virtuoso, opened (solo) playing Waller’s most well known HONEYSUCKLE ROSE/1929. From then on, it was non-stop.


Following this solo, the band members assembled and set the pace for an unforgettable performance. Each musician, highly skilled in his music artistry,  are men who have a plethora of credits and a dossier that has no end.

Some people think OKOM (our kind of music) is passé  or some say outmoded….not so!  Before us, on stage, one could see two very young musicians (30 years old) who have already made a huge name for themselves and an impact on the younger generation of musicians and fans.

Gordon on trumpet, Kevin on drums

Gordon Au and Kevin Dorn

To hear young Gordon Au (trumpet) you might think he has been playing for a very long time. He may be young but his music talent, repertoire and credentials are outstanding.  Next, Kevin Dorn (drums) another young and talented musician on the scene, has been delighting audiences for several years here in Connecticut, New York City and Europe.


The band came to full circle with three greats, in the music industry, Vince Giordano, Dan Levinson and Bob Barta all well known in the USA and abroad. These three wonderful musicians need no introduction.

Dan on clarinet

Dan Levinson

BoB Barta banjo, Vince Giordano string bass

Bob Barta and Vince Giordano

Now begins the music, for which the members of the audience were patiently waiting.

After Jeff finished his fantastic rendition of HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (and brought down the house) Jeff proceeded to spend time entertaining us with wonderful stories about Fats and his brilliance on the piano and his composing ability and, all this in his too short life of 39 years. However, what he left behind has and will last forever.

Jeff talks about Fats Waller – At Twilight

Jeff Barnhart – Handfull of Keys

You’re Feets Too Big

I am writing this, without giving you details of everything that occurred on stage, but rather to encourage you to make every effort to hear this band when they do a repeat of this concert. You will be surprised how many Fats Waller numbers you will recall, and hear some you never knew he wrote.

Here are several numbers that were played and introduced to many of us for the first time…..HOLD MY HAND, AT TWILIGHT, HANDFUL OF KEYS, THE MINOR DRAG, MOPPIN & BOPPIN AND RUMPSTEAK SERENADE and, some well- known to the audience, I’M CRAZY ‘BOUT MY BABY, THE JOINT is JUMPIN’, WHAT DID I DO TO BE SO BLACK AND BLUE, AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’.

Thank you Jeff, Vince, Dan, Bob, Gordon and Kevin.

Jan Hadley
Videos by CineDevine
Photos by Ed Ohr

More Videos:
I’m Crazy ‘Bout my Baby

Hold My Hand

Handful of Keys

Keepin Out of Mischief Now

You Must Be Losing Your Mind

Minor Dag

The 12th Street Rag:

I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling:

When The Saints Go Marching In

Keeping Out of Mischief Now

Moppin’ and Boppin’

You Must Be Losing Your Mind

Rumpsteak Serenade


Jeff and Joel’s House Party, October 11-13, 2013

14 musicians lined up on long staircase

Official Staircase picture, by Eric Devine

Bottom up – Bob Barta, Bill Reynolds, Jeff Barnhart, Daniel Barda, Alain Marquet, Noel Kaletsky, Ian Frankel, Emily Asher, Freddy Vigorito, Tom Palinko, Gordon Au, Lou Bocciarelli, Joel Schiavone, Albie Bernard

By Sue Finn
Pictures by Sue Finn and Marce

Daniel on trombone, Alain on clarinet

Daniel Barda and Alain Marquet

It was wonderful to have Daniel and Alain there all the way from France to perform for us.  How they did it through the jet lag is beyond me.  I was particularly impressed with Daniel’s ‘Ory’s Creole Trombone’.  I was sitting close enough to hear him say that he had no warning that he was going to be asked to play that – amazing!  And hearing Alain & Noel together was magical – especially ‘China Town’.

I thought the addition of the Friday night concert was a cool way to give us all a chance to hear D & A in depth.  Nice touch having Bill play washboard on ‘Washboard Wiggle’ – wonder if it made them feel at home!

Daniel, Alain, Bill Reynolds on washboard

Paris Washboard, with Bill Reynolds on washboard

Saturday afternoon started the weekend ‘proper’ with the full contingent of super-talented musicians, in various permutations for all of the two days. There were many different styles.

Emily Asher and Daniel Barda

Emily Asher and Daniel Barda



Some highlights:  ‘Mood Indigo’ with two trombones,




Fred Vigorito cornet and Gordon Au trumpet

Fred Vigorito and Gordon Au




‘Cakewalking Babies’ with trumpet and cornet,




‘Bogalusa Strut’ and, of course,  ‘Joel’s Banjo Frenzy’ sing along with Noel being a good sport and playing a banjo again – although he always says he won’t!

 Joel with banjo leading sing-along, Palinko drums, Barnhart piano, Barta banjo

Joel’s banjo sing-along

Noel plays untuned banjo

Noel Kaletsky on banjo

The finale for this set was ‘South Rampart Street Parade’ with 11 of the 14 musicians joining in.

Finale Saturday 4pm

Finale Saturday 4pm

The ‘history lesson’ on Saturday evening was very informative and something new (I think – I wasn’t at the 3rd House Party so Jeff may have done it there).  In my opinion this set included some of the best music of the weekend, including the aforementioned ‘Ory’s Creole Trombone’.  I was surprised at the bebop number – definitely learned something there.  I always thought bebop was like swing and the dance similar to jitterbug.  Needless to say this trad jazz fan didn’t like it but it didn’t sound as if Jeff expected anybody to!  My favorites from this set were:  ‘At a Georgia Camp Meeting’, ‘At the Jazz Band Ball’, ‘Stevedore Stomp’ & ‘Big Bear Stomp’.


most all musicians

Saturday night Finale

Sunday brought more wonderful music – where do they get their energy?? – and included some novelty numbers – ‘Down in Jungle Town’, ‘A Chicken Ain’t Nothing But a Bird’ and the (unplanned) ‘Rooster Song’ solo by Jeff.  Also another sing along.  In this set I especially liked ‘Limehouse Blues’,

Gordon Au singing, Noel playing clarinet

Gordon sings



‘Happy Feet’ with Gordon singing, Jeff & Ian’s piano duet and the grand finale of the weekend with ALL the musicians playing ‘High Society’.



table filled with food and people helping themselvees

Volunteers served delicious meals




Can’t end this without a mention of the volunteers – they are amazing, working quietly, mostly behind the scenes and making sure it all runs smoothly and everyone has a truly memorable weekend.



Now we all have to be very patient and wait until October, 2014 for the next one!  We are SO lucky to be able to hear such talented musicians play amazing music just for us…………

Sue Finn


>From Marce:    List of 16 hours of Tunes!
Eric’s videos are in the works, there will be more on this later.   If you were a witness to this marvelous weekend, please share your comments with us.  Send to marce@nejazz.com.

I’ll See You In My Dreams

Eric Devine:
“It’s hard to put into words the feeling I have when I’m at Jeff and Joel’s House party.  I find myself literally surrounded by incredibly talented musicians and enthusiastic fans who all like what I like.  It feels like a big Trad Jazz family reunion in some ways. This house party (number 4) may have been the best yet.  It’s hard to say this because each party has been exciting, fun and unique, but the addition of a Friday night show with Alain Marquet, Daniel Barda, Jeff Barnhart and Bill Reynolds was really spectacular.  On Saturday night Jeff narrated a 50-year history of jazz that was interesting and funny.  There were so many great moments from this party, from the comedic interchange among musicians to the really hot tunes to the conversations with musicians and other fans.  I am grateful that Jeff, Joel and all of the house party volunteers find a way to make this party happen and I look forward to the next one.”

Marilyn Snow:
What  a great weekend–jazz heaven. Loved the music (such great talent) and the surroundings, food, and company, all just wonderful. What a marvelous concept.

 Fred Vigorito, cornetist:
Thank you Joel Schiavone and Jeff Barnhart for a fabulous, fun filled weekend of hot Jazz! Thank you Glen and Carol Ott for the delicious food!  Over 200 Jazz fans enjoyed the sounds of 14 talented musicians giving it their all.  Thank you, volunteers. It couldn’t happen without you!  This was so much fun!  Playing with Daniel and Alain of Paris Washboard! Sharing the trumpet slot with Gordon Au.  Working with trombonist Emily Asher, drummers Bill Reynolds and Tom Palinko, bass man Lou Bocciarelli, clarinetist Noel Kaletsky, banjoists Bob Barta and Joel, tuba man Albie Barnard, pianists Jeff Barnhart and Ian Frenkel.  You should have seen and heard Jeff and Ian’s duet, with one piano!  Sad to see it all come to an end, but the good news is that it will happen again next year, Oct 11 and 12, 2014.  This will sell out for sure, so buy your tickets soon! Go to: www.jeffandjoelshouseparty.com

Hot Steamed Jazz Festival – Funky Butt Jazz Band

Videos by Eric Devine – CineDevine

Piano, Kaletsky, drummer, Pierce, tuba

Pierce Campbell and The Funky Butt Jazz Band

Pierce Campbell guitar and vocals, Noel Kaletsky reeds, Lauren Evarts piano, Al Bernard tuba, John Rispoli drums

Pierce Campbell on guitar

Pierce Campbell on guitar


The Funky Butt Jazz Band was started by his father, Pete Campbell and Bud Gettsinger 36 years ago.  Pierce took over the band for playing traditional jazz, has various small combinations, and also performs solo..

He borrowed Noel Kaletsky and Albie Bernard from the Festival All Stars, for Summertime, Georgia, Dinah, One Meat Ball, I’m Confessing, Jelly Roll, Ain’t She Sweet, Buddy Bolden Blues.  All great Trad tunes.
The Valley Railroad gave him an opener for Buddy Bolden’s  Blues. Noel on soprano sax.

Loren Evarts on piano

Lauren Evarts



Lauren is a regular member of The Funky Butt Jazz Band.






Noel on alto sax – Georgia

John Rispoli, drums

John Rispoli




John Rispoli is a monster on drums!





Al Bernard on tuba

Al Bernard on tuba




Al Bernard put away the sousaphone and took out the tuba to play melodies for this session.




Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll


Noel Kaletsky on alto sax

Noel Kaletsky



Noel Kaletsky is a complete band unto himself!
Unbelievable, from the Festival’s start to finish.

Price Campbell said it succinctly,
“Faster than a silver bullet!”





They all went WILD on Ice Cream!

Currently Pierce plays a variety of music which showcase his versatility. He performs solo singing and playing original and Celtic folk, American pop and Jazz classics. He performs Irish and original Celtic folk with The Kerry Boys, traditional Jazz with The Funky Butt Jazz Band, vocal Jazz classics and originals with The Pierce Campbell Jazz Duo/Trio and pop rock classics with Pierce Campbell and the Scramble. During the day, he entertains seniors at venues throughout CT.

Funky Butt Jazz Band

Hot Steamed Jazz 2013 – Dan Levinson’s New Millenium All Stars

Dan, trumpet, string bass, trombone

Dan Levinson’s Millennium All Stars

Dan Levinson is a jazz Historian in New York devoted to Traditional Jazz, with a vast collection of memorabilia going back to the 1900’s.  He has at least nine different bands.  Fortunately for us, he spends much of his time searching out the newest talent coming out of the music schools and teaching these young NY musicians our kind of music, so it will be preserved well into the future.

He seems to save the Millenium All Stars for us at the Hot Steamed Jazz Festival. We have no idea how many young bands he is responsible for, but he has been bringing new ones here to the Hot Steamed Jazz Festival for 16 years.  (He breaks the new ones in with a discerning Traditional Jazz Audience.)

This band was actually from the Millennium Generation, with recent graduates of the Manhattan School of Music.  Jack Holkum on trombone is 21.  Mike Davis cornet, Rob Atkins bass.

Gatsby-looking Davis, suited Holkum

Mike Davis, Jack Holkum

string bass

Rob Atkins

Good looking, maybe in his mid-30's

Kevin Dorn, drummer

Except for drummer Kevin Dorn.  Kevin was a young drummer when he first arrived here with Dan 15 years ago in 1998; now he’s one of the “elders” in the band, and has a great Traditional Jazz Band of his own.



Ian Frankel, about 7 feet tall, sitting at the piano

Ian Frankel



Dan invited a fine Connecticut pianist, Ian Frankel, to join the band.  Dan promised him there would be no reading, but this is Jazz, and it’s never the same twice.  Frankel cleverly breezed through several surprises.




They began with Dan on clarinet  with the title tune of an album by his Swing Wing Band, featuring Molly, At The Cod Fish Ball.

It includes Bud Freeman’s Summa Cum Laude Orchestra’s Copenhagen.

Molly has been coming here since 2004 – she is now Mrs. Dan Levinson.  Molly also sang some tunes from her own new album, Swing For Your Supper, and I’d Like to Wake Up in the Morning Where The Morning Glories Grow.


Molly in a kitchen apron cooking

Swing for your Supper

The Milleniums presented another tune from the Cod Fish Ball album, originally done by the Rhythm Makers, a mixed band, unheard of at the time. Oh Peter, You’re  So Nice.  In 1932 it featured PeeWee Russell on clarinet, with Eddy Condon on guitar, Joe Sullivan piano, and Zutti Singleton drums.  Dan moved to tenor sax for the 1936 Mez Mezro & Sy Oliver, Hot Club Stomp.

Another from Molly’s Album, done by Bing Crosby and The Bob Cats, You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby.  A mellow front line backed Molly on Ruth Ettings 1930 Ten Cents a Dance.

They closed with the Gershwin’s The Lorelei from Pardon My English that opened at the Majestic Theatre, New York on January 9, 1933.

We sure hope Dan Levinson and Molly Ryan are available with more of New York’s new talented musicians for next year’s Hot Steamed Jazz Festival!