Joel Shiavone’s “Music for the Divorced”

By Jean Hadley
Photos  by Sue Finn

Galvanized Jazz Band  Fred Vigorito – Leader, Cornet, Russ Whitman – Reeds, Herb Gardner – Trombone, Bill Sinclair – Piano, Art Hovey – Bass, Tuba, Bob Bequillard – Drums, Cynthia Fabian – Vocals.

Special Guests    Gim Burton banjo, Pat Keogh guitar/vocals, Andy Rubenoff piano/vocals, Herb Gardner trombone

With an almost packed house, Joel’s fans waited anxiously (not knowing what to expect) for his “divorce” list of songs.  Joel, being the showman he is, one never knows what will happen.

Joel selected musicians, from here in Connecticut and Massachusetts, who delivered their artistry in elegant tuxedos.  Nice job!

The evening began with Joel front and center with….”I’ll be glad when you’ve gone.” Followed by Cynthia Fabian singing…..”You gotta see mama every night.”

Joel and Galvanized JB

The following songs were also perfect for the “Divorce CD” that CineDevine was recording.  Very apropos was Berlin’s …” All Alone”…. “Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone”.

“These foolish things”…. “I had someone else” …  and the list went on….  These songs can be either painful or amusing depending on who is listening.   However, the intention was to entertain and so it did!

Cynthia 2



Cynthia is always wonderful with her fine voice and deliverance.  She and Joel performed several duets which they did very nicely and to the delight of the audience.




Man in cowboy hat on guitar

Pat Keogh




Pat Keogh (guitar) graced the stage with a rendition of “Bay Blues” and “Bye, Bye Love”. Pat is nothing short of a guitar virtuoso.  Pat hails from Wallingford, CT.




Andy Rubenoff and Bill Sinclair took turns at the piano.  This made for an interesting evening as each  has his own unique style.

both sitting at keyboard

Andy Rubenoff and Bill Sinclair

Gim Burton and Joel (dueling banjos) did a fine job of  “Bye, Bye Blues.”  Gim is one of Joel’s “Your Father’s Mustache” entourage.  Abe Rubenoff was on piano.

two banjos

Gim Burton and Joel Schiavone, Andy Rubenoff on piano

Anyone, who knows Joel Shiavone, knows they are in for a great evening of entertainment.   This evening was one of those.  Unfortunately, all things must end and so it did.

Many thanks to Maureen Cunningham for all her many years of helping Joel and supporting OKOM.

Kudos to Sue Finn for her pictures.  Good job!

Bob on drums

Bob Bequillard

clarinet and black tuba

Russ Whitman and Art Hovey

drum and string bass

Dynamic Duo, Bob Bequillard and Art Hovey

banjo and guitar

Joel and Pat Keogh

Joel at mic with Rubenoff on piano

The Boss

trombone and cornet

Herb Gardner and Freddy Vigorito