Peter DeVeber, Art

Peter DeVeber

Peter DeVeber
….Lives by the sea,
he paints
and writes poetry

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Dave Zinno SOLD

Van Goghs of Jazz –
Van Gogh, Monk, Abate   SOLD

Miles Doo-Bop Hommage to Annie Leibovitz

Chet Sings Acrylic

Anita O’Day acrylic,  Newport ’58 SOLD

Billy Taylor acrylic

Sarah live in Japan



Billie sings jazz    SOLD

Miles Four      SOLD
Brigitte Zarie 2Brigitte Zarie, NY Jazz Singer  
“I’ve been a friend of jazz since attending the very first Newport (RI) Jazz Festival in 1954.  When I mentioned this to festival founder George Wein a few years ago, he was happy to know that I was a paying customer and not one who went in over the fence.  I was 15 that summer.  After high school, I did a brief tour with remnants of the Beat Generation – it was then I did my first ‘jazz sketches’ in ink – I wonder if any of those drawings are still around.  1985 to September 1998, I did public and press relations and scheduling for former middleweight boxing champion of the world Marvelous Marvin Hagler.  I’ve done publicity for friend and jazz saxophonist Greg Abate.  I produced 2 CDs with Abate as leader; My Buddy released in 1995 showcasing tunes written by Jack Stevens and Broken Dreams released in 1997.  Both recordings were critically acclaimed.  These sessions featured Greg Abate, Mac Chrupcala, Donna Byrne, Marshall Wood, Al Bernstein, Dave Zinno, John Anter, Paul Fontaine and Frank Tiberi.  I’ve drawn and painted for more than 50 years.  In 2005 I wrote Lady on the Narrows, a book of haiku – American haiku as defined by Jack Kerouac.  Kerouac was the ‘jazz poet’.  And in 2009 I wrote a chapbook of poetry titled Great Miles.  Painting and writing are like jazz I think – the motion the improv.  My wife Jean and I reside in Massachusetts and Maine” <>   Peter DeVeber

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