Blue Horizon Jazz Band at Primavera September 1, 2016

6-pc Trad Jazz Band, no piano

Stan McDonald’s Blue Horizon Jazz Band

Stan McDonald soprano sax, Phil Person trumpet, Gerry Gagnon trombone, Jack Soref guitar, Stu Gunn double bass, Rich Malcolm drums

The Blue Horizon Jazz Band played uplifting and foot-tapping Traditional Jazz Thursday night at Primavera Ristaurant, with Stan and Phil taking turns on the melody or improvising around it, Gerry’s smooth (or growling) trombone, Jack’s marvelous gypsy guitar, Stu’s artful string bass supporting Rich’s one-beat drum-rolls behind the fine solos.

They played many of our favorite tunes:
Set 1
I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me
Georgia On My Mind
Blue Turning Gray Over You
My Gal Sal

Set 2
Some Sweet Day
Bechet’s Fantasy
Spreading Joy
Lotus Blossom
Out of Nowhere
All By Myself in the Morning

Set 3
Dear Old Southland
When I Leave The World Behind
I Remember When
After You’ve Gone
Le Marchand de Poisson

Stan on sop sax

Stan McDonald

Phil on trumpet

Phil Person

Gerry on trombone

Gerry Gagnon

Stu on acoustic string bass

Stu Gunn

Rich on Trad Jazz drum set

Rich Malcolm

Jack on same guitar that Django used

Jack Soref

both leaning back playing their instruments

Stan McDonald and Phil Person

The Blue Horizon Jazz Band will return on the next first Thursday of the month, October 6th.

Thank you Stan and Ellen McDonald for keeping this art form alive!

Blue Horizon Jazz Band June 2nd 2016 Primavera

6 pc band no piano

Stan McDonald’s Blue Horizon Jazz Band

Phil Person trumpet, Stan McDonald soprano sax, Gerry Gagnon trombone, Stu Gunn string bass, Jack Soref guitar, Rich Malcolm drums

The Blue Horizon Jazz Band revived the passionate style and exuberant melodies of the New Orleans musicians of the 20’s and 30’s with tightly arranged solos and fine ensemble.  They played many Sidney Bechet compositions, brought to life by leader Stan McDonald on the instrument that Bechet made famous, the soprano saxophone.

They began with I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me,  followed by a guitar intro to Georgia On My Mind, with fine ensemble and solid rhythm.

Phil on muted trumpet with Jack Soref behind him

Phil Person


Phil Person played powerful trumpet on Blue Turning Gray Over You. He and McDonald took turns taking the lead.  Phil is a true gentleman, listens carefully, and plays with a light touch – until the tune calls for a powerful trumpet, then look out!



My Gal Sal showcased the band’s fine ensemble.  Some Sweet Day was a rabble rouser!


with slide fully extended

Gerry Gagnon growling trombone



Bechet’s Blues In The Air brought out Gerry Gagnon’s growling trombone.  Gerry has been with this band for about 17 years.  An essential part of the front line, his trombone also fills in the “holes” in a tune with extensive use of the slide.




Jack on Selmer round hole guitar

Jack Soref plays the same round hole guitar with very high action as Django Reinhardt.





It was great to have Jack Soref back from his Colorado tour with the Future Rhythm Quartet.
Jack was featured on Ochi Chernye (Dark Eyes), a Russian Folk Song.
Our Birthday Girl, Tina Cass, 80 years old today, surprised the band with the lyrics in Russian.




Stan said that Irving Berlin summed up Life with All By Myself, and did the vocal.  He was featured on Bechet’s Petite Fleur, ending it in a flourish!

Stan on soprano sax with string bass and guitar

Stan McDonald featured on Petite Fleur with Stu Gunn and Jack Soref

Stu playing double bass

Stu Gunn also plays classical music in local Symphonies.



Stu Gunn’s very deep, rich, “woody” sounding tone on string bass gives the music support and maintains that solid Traditional Jazz Beat.  He played a superb solo on Dear Old Southland.  His bass is always in sync with Rich Malcolm’s drum.




Rich on drums, bass, snare, top hat, two small cymbals and a bell

Rich Malcolm


Rich is the new drummer with The Blue Horizon Jazz Band, though he has played with the band in the past. He understands this music.

He gave Tijuana a sweet Latin beat.   Steve Straus of the Riverboat Stompers says “You feel the rhythm rather than hear the drum beats by Rich Malcom”.

They played one of Malcom’s favorites, When I Leave The World Behind.




Stan’s soprano sax took the intro to Bechet’s I Remember When (Si Tu Vois Ma Mere).  Beautiful!

There was a slow beginning on After You’ve Gone, then with a 4-bar drum pulse, the band went WILD!  The distinctive front line and strong heartbeat of the bass and drums supported by Jack’s guitar prompted Jeannine, a ‘regular’,  to say “This is the best I’ve ever heard this band play!”

The Blue Horizon Jazz Band plays at Primavera Ristorante on the first Thursday of every month; next one will be July 7th.  Join us!

Riverboat Stompers at the Sherborn Inn

7-piece Dixieland Band

Riverboat Stompers

Steve Straus reeds, Larry Baxter cornet, Frank Batchelor trombone, Phil Hower piano, Jim Mazzy Banjo, Pierre Lemieux tuba, Rick Malcolm drums.

Riverboat Stompers played at the Sherborn Inn June 25th, 2013, featuring the music of Hoagie Carlichael, Gershwin, Cole Porter, and more. They began hot and heavy with That’s-a-Plenty.

Steve Straus clarinet, Larry Baxter cornet, Frank Bachelor trombone

Front Line: Steve Straus, Larry Baxter, Frank Batchelor

Steve Straus moves easily from clarinet to soprano sax on New Orleans.   Jimmy Mazzy had many of the vocals, but Larry Baxter took over for some tunes, Lady Be Good C’est Si Bon.  Steve Straus also did a fine vocal on Cottontown.

Pierre Lemieux on tuba

Pierre Lemieux



Pierre Lemieux thoughtfully supports the band and each musician without pushing.



They dedicated Blue Turning Gray Over You to their late trombone player, Tom Page, who died about 1 ½ years ago.   Ensemble vocal took the intro to Sophie Tucker’s Some of These Days, with Jimmy taking it over with soft backing by Baxter’s cornet.

Phil Hower at piano

Phil Hower



Pianist Phil Hower listens carefully; responds with delicate and resourceful phrases.



This is a fun band.   Medley for today, with audience participation,  Ain’t She Sweet, Five Foot Two, I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover.  Everyone gets into the vocal on Alabama Jubilee, and on kazoo.   They have a ‘name this tune’ contest.  Jimmy singing, scatting, carefully not giving away the title.  But this time no one came up with the tune “South”.   Maybe next time.

Rich Malcolm on drums

Rich Malcolm



Drummer Rich Malcolm is capable of slam banging with the best of them, but he’s unselfishly maintains the beat, letting loose on solos so that we sometimes hear the melody in his drums. He started with a Latin beat on Comes Love, with swinging bridges.




Jimmy Mazzy, banjo/vocals

Jimmy Mazzy



They slowed the pace for Why, a  little known tune played by Golden Gate Rhythm Machine on the West Coast, and the Riverboat Ramblers on the East Coast.  Mazzy putting his heart into the tune in his own unique Mazzy style.




They closed with ‘Till We Meet Again.  We might be able to catch them playing somewhere on the North Shore. Check out for their schedule.

Tunes played today:
That’s a Plenty, New Orleans, Lady Be Good, Blue Turning Grey Over You, South, Alabama Jubilee, Why, Who’s Sorry Now, Home, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Cottontown, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Miss Otis Regrets, Medley, Comes Love, Lulu’s Back in Town, C’est Si Bon, Some of These Days, ‘Til We Meet Again.