Riverboat Stompers at Primavera Ristorante February 16, 2017

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7 piece Traditional Jazz Band

Riverboat Stompers

The Riverboat Stompers with guest Craig Ball performed peppy renditions of New Orleans favorites  at Primavera Ristorante, with Craig Ball (cl), Neil Flewelling (ct), Frank Batchelor (tb), Steve Taddeo (dr), Phil Hower (p), Pierre Lemieux (tu), and Eric Baldwin (bj)

by Marce, videos by Pierre Lemieux

They began with Original Dixieland Jazz Band One Step,  celebrating The ODJB’s recording of Jazz for the first time 100 years ago!

both singing wildly

Neil and Frank filling in for Steve Straus.


Leader Steve Strauss was on temporary disability, so Frank Batchelor led the band and Neil and Frank took turns doing the vocals, having fun with You Took Advantage of Me.  I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.




Phil at keyboard, smiling at camera

Phil Hower


Phill Hower introduced Rose of Washington Square. (He’s the only one who knows the verses.) Phil’s heroes are the great stride pianists of the 1920’s and ’30’s, and he emulates their techniques and style. with a strongly rhythmic left hand.

Frank did the vocal, Phil in absolute rapture on keyboard.   Eric Baldwin took this solo on guitar



The theme from This Old House, Louisiana Fairy Tale is always a favorite!

Pierre playing tuba

Pierre Lemieux


Bei Mir Bis Du Schoen –  Eric moved to  banjo. Excellent solos all around, including Pierre Lemieux’s tuba.  Pierre maintains that Trad Jazz beat in many bands!

Phil Hower and Pierre Lemieux have been with the Riverboat Stompers band since its inception in 1990.



Bei Mir Bis Du Schon  (To me you are Beautiful)

Somebody Stole My Gal was WILD with Craig Ball clarinet.  The high ferver continued with Coney Island Washboard Roundelay.

drum and clarinet

Steve Taddeo and Craig Ball

Steve Taddeo’s drumming was tasteful and appropriate, evoking Baby Dodds behind the soloists.  He added an excellent drum roll solo on Floating Down to Cotton Town.

Eric on banjo with Phil keyboard in the back

Eric Baldwin




We’ve been listening to Eric Baldwin play guitar for many years, but we really enjoyed Eric’s banjo playing!




Frank using hand for mute on trombone

Frank Batchelor




Frank Batchelor sang It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie, followed by fine band ensemble.

Muskrat Ramble

Phil started Sweet Lorraine; he knows ALL the verses.  Eric returned to guitar;   Neil took the lead, calling out the time for an upbeat Ain’t She Sweet.

clarinet and trombone pointing to Neil seated and playing cornet

Fine front line

Neil on cornet

Neil Flewellen



Neil playing a superb Sleepy Time Down South. Neil has been heard playing both in the Dixieland-style and swing all across New England.





He took the vocal on Bill Bailey, Please Come Home.


They closed with a relatively new tune, Moonlight.  Steve Straus will be back with this Powerhouse Group at Primavera March 23rd and ….

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