Eli & The Hot Six at Primavera November 17, 2016

7 piece contemporary classic jazz band

Eli and The Hot Six

Phil Person trumpet, Ted Casher reeds, Herb Gardner trombone, Bob Winter keys, Jimmy Mazzy banjo/vocals, Eli Newberger leader/tuba, Bob Tamagni drums

Eli & The Hot Six played fantastic contemporary jazz Thursday November 17th at Primavera Ristorante in Millis, MA.  They enjoy playing together; it’s always a fun evening watching and listening to this band!  Next month they will be the ONLY band playing here – save the Date, December 15th 7-9:30pm

The Front Line enjoyed playing riffs and challenging each other as Eli pointed to each of them.  They worked on tunes they have never played before and others they haven’t played for years.  It was a revelation!

trombone, trumpet, clarinet

Ted Casher, Phil Person, Herb Gardner

They began with a song Jimmy hadn’t sung in 20 years, Down By The Riverside, with the others chanting “ain’t gonna”  before his every line.

Ted Casher on soprano sax

Ted Casher on soprano sax


Ted Casher usually plays clarinet and tenor sax, but this evening he played mostly soprano sax.  Tenor sax came out for a very fast Salt Peanuts with Jimmy scatting his chorus.  At the end of the evening he played a smoky Where or When on tenor sax, the slowest that he’s played it in years.



Jimmy plays banjo and sings

Jimmy Mazzy is the only person who can emulate Bessie Smith’s sensual emotions.


Jimmy sang Louis Armstrong’s You’ll Never Walk Alone and absolutely astonished everyone singing the last chorus very slowly in heartfelt Mazzy style.  There is only one Jimmy Mazzy in the whole world and we were privileged to hear him on Bessie Smith’s Christmas Songs: Christmas Comes But Once a Year and At The Christmas Ball.



Eli on tuba, Bob on snare drum

Bob listens and accentuates Eli’s tuba



Eli and Bob Tamagni have lively exchange on a rambunctuous South Rampart St. Parade




They paid tribute to W.C. Handy on his birthday with a stunning Saint Louis Blues, with Phil’s fine solo on trumpet with the band in stop time. Eli held long difficult notes on tuba, Piano trading fours with tenor sax.  They were having a ball!

Bob Winter smiling and playing piano.

Bob Winter enjoys being with this band. It’s a break from the Boston Pops.




Bob Winter was featured with deep, lush sound on a tune written by Charlie Chaplin, Smile





Phil Person on muted trumpet

Phil Person filled in for Bo Winiker on trumpet



Guest trumpet Phil Person was featured on a soulful I Want a Little Girl, with band backing him in stop time. (Herb took the vocal!)




Herb on extended trombone

Herb Gardner played at Eddy Condon’s in NY



Herb Gardner was featured on vocal and trombone, extending the slide to its maximum length in Dixieland Style for Write Myself a Letter.




Bob tapping his hip with a tambourine

Bob Tamagni keeps the beat with many tricks



Tamagni has a minimalist Trad Jazz drum set,  keeping time with tambourine on the banjo player’s national anthem, Waiting For The Sunshine.  It was one of those never-ending tunes with each musician taking a final solo, Bob finally closing it on drums.





Their lyricism and expertise shaped the festive mood this evening.  They closed with Eli leading on China Boy.  It shows how they enjoy being together!

Eli and The Hot Six will be the only Thursday Jazz Band at Primavera in December – on the 15th at 7pm.  Mark your calendars!.

by Marce

Down By The Riverside
Salt Peanuts
Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
South Rampart Street Parade
Saint Louis Blues
Christmas Comes But Once a Year
At The Christmas Ball
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
The World is Waiting For The Sunrise
I Want a Little Girl
Washington and Lee Swing
I Cover The Waterfront
China Boy